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நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம் ..... Lord Neelakandar Chakra

The given Chakra has 108 numbers written in alternate and perpendicular directions. Each number in the Chakra has different predictions.

This Chakra you can plot in the paper or plate or wood and keep it as safely. Whenever you want to ask any doubt from Lord Neelakandar, you close the eyes and touch the Chakra and read the predictions. Here it is considered as Lord Shiva is giving predictions for common people.

Otherwise you can think yourself and decide some number and see the prediction of the verses and confirm our results. Any astrology strictly says that see the predictions after sunrise and before sunset due to completion of one jamam. The pakshi and saram will be changed in their frequencies between these operations. Others are kept as its secret.

Eligible persons can get the secrets from the universe like gurus.
Neelakandar Chakra is very powerful than any other predictions Chakra.

Readers can see for others also. If they know the numbers, ask them to tell the number and see the predictions. Otherwise ask them to touch the numbers. There will be shuffling of mind while touching the Chakra. Mind starts to speak suddenly and ask you don’t touch this number.

This number is not good in numerology. This number may be failure in astrology. Chakra itself has the power to confuse you. Pray to Lord Shiva and touch the predictions and get the bliss of Lord Shiva.

Ladies are requested to avoid seeing the predictions during those days.

If you or anyone touches the number 1 in the chakras, the following predictions is applicable. As same as for the other number the predictions will be predicted.
You are going to get the kids in a very short period. Unexpected helps from a very rich person with out any destruction. The court cases will be favor to you with out any loss. Whatever lost by you like money or any item, it will be recovered as shortly.

Now the time is not good and extremely not favor for you. It brings permanent enmity and bad names from the external sources. You are going to loose money due to some diseases and illness. But unexpectedly you are going to get help from third person.

What ever you are expected and planned; it will be favor for you now. If you decided for any travel on business or any personal trips, the trips will be successful. From today itself, Day by day you are going to get success in your life.

Something happened to you now because of some relations and surrounding people. You are severely affected by your neighboring people and highly quarreled. Because of this quarrels you are highly affected by illness very severely. So whatever you have food it will not be suit to you.

You are going to get married or your blood relations will get the proposals for marriage or in your family whoever eligible. The recent business will be successful. Whatever you decided for travel and journey will be fruitful and brings happiness in your family and official life.

Some lucky events and incidents are going to occur in your life shortly. Illness and continue sickness will get cure shortly. Always or recently whomever you approached the woman will be helpful for you in financial situations now. These things are mentioned above becomes permanent in your family and official life and it will be repeatedly coming to you for one year.

If you have lost the items through theft or missed, now the time for those will be recovered. Business will be successful. Your court cases will be fruitful for your side. Family life will be blissful.

You are going to get agonize, strive and starts worry due to surroundings. You may shift your place due to affects of Saturn. If you take any business it will get failure. Now in astrology it predicts you are coming under the influence of Astama Sani.

The development of carrier in your job will be favor. Increasing of property in your account. Your most trusted person will come in to scene and help you.

Travel will be successful. Ideas will get failure now. You are going to get bad name in society. Any Business will be failure. If a new planned business trips will not be successful.

The above number brings the great fortunate to you. Whatever you have decided and waiting for a long time to complete the work or business it will be fulfilled. The fortunate things will be coming from Southern direction. If any proposal for marriage, the eligible bride, bridegroom will be approaching from southern direction. All these above predictions will be reached within three months immediately.

Some of your blood relation or your son was quarreled with you will be coming shortly to you. within two weeks he or your relations will approach you shortly. The readers take the subject from these two lines predicted for the number 12 and apply with other purposes. I have given as it is from the verses. But once started to give predictions, the verses will be opened and started to disclose plenty of things from this number according to the inner voice.

Whatever you asked for prediction in your mind will not be fulfilled. It will be failure. Someone of your close people became enemy and working against you now. Because of this enmity all other things will not be solved and brings the problems. All these problems will be solved within one month. Now its not possible for you to do any things.

Other external works related with nature will be successful. Now whatever your thoughts kept in mind will be fruitful and successful. Due to continuous effect of Jupiter planet, you are going to get all good fortune.

If you have plan to marry or other marriage proposals, it’s the good time to be carryout. You will get good bonus in your works. Whatever you think in your mind, now it’s the good time to be complete it.

Now your physical body has been affected by some sickness. You had made enmity with somebody and its continuing now. So postpone all your good things to some days.

Now whatever you were suffered for the past years its going to be solved now. From today all good fortune will be coming towards you. All your official things will be solved and becomes permanent. Some of your friends will come and help you surprisingly. If you have lost any valuable things it will bring by a young woman from a far place.

You asked now about a woman. She has been away from you due to some quarrels related with money and property problems. She never comes back to you and whatever you have been lost things also never return back to you.

It’s fortunate to you. Whatever you being in mind it will be fulfilled. Your wife going to be get boy kid or your blood relations will give birth. All your official proceedings will be solved as decided by you.

Official Travel is good now for official works. The continuous illness will be reduced. All your relations you make continuous gain and good relations through friendships and far relations.

Some of your item or property has been taken by somebody long back. Now recently in your mind, you have doubt on that if it will recover to you or it has been already missed from you. What you think particularly about that item or property has been taken by some body. Its never comes back.

You are going to defeat your enemy in your profession or personal life coming from long time in your life with destructions. Whoever enmity with you unknowingly and also quarrel in the past with relations before like your brothers and sisters will help you now. Your property will come back to your hand very soon.

Whatever you have planned to do some of your dream work it will be failure. You have to postpone it for some time. Now the time is awful to fulfill your eager. You cannot compare your professional or friends with your life. You have to wait for another six months to recover all those problems from today.

Now the present time is running very badly, you will miss whatever you made the property and other official things. So it’s not good to start any new work or continue any business. Your health has some diseases. You are going to get some court cases also.

No other new profits or benefits from your wife side which was kept pending by you for long time. You are going to get some benefits through your work and your own business. From your wife side or her family there are some special type of property will be decided for her and it will come to you for your sake. Whatever you decided to finish the long standing pending work, now its the time to finish.

Your property case will be favored to your side, the results of the case will be favored to you in all the ways, it will be successful. If you are waiting for marriage or proposals or eligible person in blood relation in your family; now its good time to make arrangement for marriage. Some problems will make you upset. Due to these problems you will lose some money. If you planned to do any work, it will be failure.

Now god will help you in all walks of life. Its good time to hear that god is helping you. You are sick now, some illness in your health. Some of the benefits from the government related works and some unexpected helps from rich persons. Whatever you have decided it’s going to happen in a week.

You fixed a program and long journey for official purpose. Now is the time to take up this extended journey. All things will be favorable in your way. Whatever you have lost in your past life, it will be coming towards you.

Because of some woman in your life makes your routine life is much complicated. Because of that woman you have lost some money or property also in secret cases. Now you have to keep calm and observe what happens.

Whatever you have decided to do any work or business and your plan will not be successful. If you have lost any property or any thing will take more time to recover or it takes time to come back to you. Your work and other official matters will be hampered for some time.

Whatever you asked it will be materialized. Your family will be happy now due to new issues. You are going to get a kid or some of your blood relations are get baby. Now the period for you is very precious in your life time, all of your work is the raising stage and this is the growing stage in your life time.

Whatever you have disease now is the temporary. But the curing of your illness takes much time to cure from the original physical body. Some quarrels will rise in your home and it makes you upset. Your characters are changes time to time due to some planets. So it makes others uncomfortable on you. Then finally because of your character and tendency in your delivery of words brings all your close friends shows enmity on you.

Now recently you have started some business or work or applied for some business, whatever may be, after some days you will get good results on the same. Now you caught up with somebody and became slave to that person. If you want to away from that person hand and you wants to get relieve from them, now is the time for you, whatever you decided on this it will be fruitful, if you want to continue also the results will be fortunate. It may be men or women.

Now you are worrying about something in your mind continuously for a long period. If you have decided to arrange marriage function for your kids, now the time will support your hand and everything will be fruitful and thing will be materialized shortly. Whoever friends and others from abroad will come and reach in your place or village. Whatever your official case or any cases running for long run from court will be solved and favor to you.

Some worry always on your mind and soul. You got some relationship with some woman and you will be much worried on that woman now. She is giving the difficulty to you and in your life. Now is the time to solve the problems faced by the same woman. The woman crisis will be solved. If you have decided to travel for some official works it will be favor to you. All your previous problems were faced by you will be leaving from your side.

You have faced some problems and staying outside from your family. The problems makes you much trouble with your official proceedings and its continued in your home also. All these above will be solved shortly. Within two weeks all your problems will be solved.

You have lost some items or articles and worried continuously on this. You thought its very precious items saved by you for a long time in your family or personally by you. Within a week all your belongings will reach you safely.

You have lost some of your valuable belongings and theft carried out in your place. That’s all the missed items through theft is difficult to reach you. Your will be getting good things in your life shortly. And you are going to get permanent job or work or business. Within some days unknown person will come and help you permanently.

You have trusted somebody in your life for work or personal related things. From the same person or related to him will come and help you shortly. You are going to get property and wealth. Now your job or business will continue without any destruction.

Whatever you have decided to do some official or to carryout personal work will be failure. Postpone all the travels which are fixed. Some problems will come from your side of enmity. So you should take care of all your enemies and faraway friends.

Whatever you have decided to do any personal and official work will be completed now and it will be successful. Now it’s the good time to carryout any works. If you want to do house warming ceremony and other construction related purpose or to shift your house to another house, this is the good time to be carried out. Your wife is going to conceive within a short period of time or some of your blood relations get pregnancy. You will receive the call from your old working place or you will get your old business and it will be fruitful.

Now all your eager and expectations will be fulfilled in these situations. If you want to dig well, bore wells and other agricultural related works will be doing well with in this period of time. You are going to have some new connections with some of your unknown friends. These connections bring lot of happiness and good fortune from those people. you will be happy with those circle.

Whatever your work and running business and all present situations will be failure. The time and period now is the waning time of condition. so postpone all your new ideas now. And some of your temporary Illness and sickness takes more time to get recover. Your present Business will attain heavy loss. So take care of your people whoever connected with your business. Some of your family problems will acquire and begin with quarrels and it continues with your wife. You are going to suffer for some time.

If you have decided to get marry any person, the same person, your dream friend will come and marry you in these period. If you have contact with those people, you can contact now for to arrange your marriage. Some marriage functions will be at your home and family. A girl from southern direction and southern places will come for marriage proposals. So it’s a chance to fix this marriage.

Your court cases results will be favor to you. so no need to worry if any results come in these period. If you want to file any cases, definitely it will be successful. Some of movable property will be acquired.

You have some temptation on woman. It may be pre marital and post marital according to the person now. But it is confirmed the predictions that you wants to ask about that woman now. The higher side of the sexual feelings on woman will be increased now due to your connections with women. You started to skip your promises to your close friends. Because of this they also changed their style immediately and you will be cheated by your friends.

If you have decided anything to start any new work or family function, or business, it is the time to do and start now. All other people started to trust you in this period. You became important person in society. Some of the rare occasion like marriage function will be attended by you and there itself you will help somebody to get marry in that occasion. Whatever you have decided before to do it’s the time to start because your ideas and everything connected with your future will come after three months from this period onwards.

You planned to travel for business trip. That business trip will be successful. Your illegal connections will be favor to you. If you do any business now it will be favor to you. You trust your close friend or your guide.

You have lot of dreams in your sleep. It makes you fear and scared. You started dreams with fear and unsuccessful works. You are worrying about your past and present condition. You escaped from the accident now. That is the biggest thing in your life now. You should than god for this retain. Now you postpone all your works for sometime otherwise it will be failure.

You and your brothers had fights with some family problems and continuous quarrels. All these type of worries will be solved with in a year. After a year all your planned ideas will be successful. Your family life will be fruitful and supportive with your thoughts.

You have fought with some body individually due to your family circumstances. But now is your time to achieve anything whatever you want, so victory is yours. If you have failed against any cases prior to your belongings, the cases will be favor to you now. No need to fear or worry on any litigations or court proceedings.

If you have decided to start any business or personal work, it will get breakdown. You can’t achieve whatever you planned it before. If you have any sickness or continuous illness, it takes some time to get it recover. If you have gone out for business trip and far away from your place, it takes extensive time to complete and return back.

Any agricultural works and irrigation projects will not be successful in this periods, it leads to misfortune and will be uncompleted. If you have engaged with some girl or boy for marriage it will lead to be failure. So don’t approach the person whom you actually want to marry. Give some time to make it smooth and then after you try to solve it. The proposal for marriage makes divert to other purpose. Quarrels will rise in your family. Don’t go for business trips. It brings you pain.

If you have decided to go to any temple with your family, it’s the time to go for pilgrimage trips and complete it. God has given you a chance to realize your mistakes from your past life. So arrange a short trip to temple which ever is favored for your family. Whatever you had lost or missed property in your family, it’s the time to return back from other sources, so don’t worry on those belongings. Your job or your profession will start to increase from the lower level. It will take you to good level. Don’t trust your friend. If you want to avoid any worries or unhappy incidents happening continuously, you should avoid your friend.

Present running business will face the destruction and makes you uncomfortable. So you have to roam here and there to settle those things. Some problem suddenly will rise from your girl friend side or other woman which had connection with you before. You did not receive any good news from abroad or business related news. Stop all the business trips now and postpone otherwise it will be disappointment.

Now is the good time for all of your business and professional related things. Be patience on your work, you will get successful now. Don’t show you’re angry on others and makes the favor things complicated. It’s the good time to get flourishing, so do your work and be patience for future results; it’s the goodwill to you. If you have decided to do any new thing today it will get failure. Don’t trust others and do it yourself for all of your works.

Now the time to get registers your property and flats which was delayed for many years. If you are waiting for your hereditary property, or family related settlement, you can go ahead now and it is the time to argue for those properties. If you want to get marry, this is the time to get the wedding bells. If you have decided to marry any person, you can approach and it will be favor to you. If you want to marry a girl in your family surroundings, you can go ahead with engagement. If you want to do any work today, it’s the fruitful.

If you have decided to do any work today, it will not be materialized. So be calm and do your usual work today. Don’t go for any new business or argue with senior people. Now all the planets are totally against you. If the planets against us, then what we can do. So don’t do any new work today. Whatever your family persons and blood relations are facing the problems continuously and suffering from various effects will be slowly recovered and wiped out. So don’t worry about the family problems now.

If you have decided to do new work or any new plan, start it today itself, it will be successful. Long time illness and sickness will get cure. If you have planned to go for higher profession or changeover to some jobs, it will get materialized shortly on your side. Whatever works if you go for today, it’s the flourishing. Hereditary family problems and enmity will be slowly wiped out from your side. Be cool and do your usual work today.

Whatever you have decided in your mind will not be favor to you today, it will get failure. You had fought with some body and make enmity with others. All these problems will be solved after one year of duration. So don’t quarrel with others and make them enmity. Try to keep quiet on all the official works for one year till the good period starts.

Your travel and business trip is successful. You will be benefited on this trip. You are going to make friendship with new girl friend. Some of your old friend will come back to you. If your business trip will be in the direction of west, there will be plenty of happiness and fortune things will be happen.

You are going to get problems from government and government related works. So you may be punished from the government related works. Some of your close friends doing awful things to you and this make your life complicated. So try to watch your close friends now. Sometimes among your close friend circle and their activities brings you material loss and money.

Some of the court cases or other allegations are running against you in connection with money issues. This will take some time to settle. So you have to wait for next chance and the settlement of the issue.

Whatever your court issues will be successful to you and healthy. You will get favor from government organization. Some of your girl friend brings you property and money to adjust the problems in life. During your tender age, you have done some mischievous stunts with woman and other. Now it’s the time to solve it.

If you have planned to do new business, this is the time to start. All of your friends will come and help you financially. Don’t worry about any thing on your personal life and official works. With in eight days all of your problems will be solved.

Whatever you have decided to carry out official and family commitments will not be fortunate. If you do good things to others also it will get failure and unfortunate to all. Some of your close friends who have benefited by you are cheating and back mining behind your life.

Whatever you have preplanned things will be failure. Theft items and loss items will not be recovered. You have very much worried about your family persons. All of these problems and sorrows will take three months to change in your life.

Now it’s the good time to you to start new business and new proceedings. Proposals for marriage will be favors. You will be receiving long standing diverted money.

Some of your secret things from your wife have gone out from the family. It has been reached through the direction of north. It’s migrated to the proper place for protection. You may know about the place and collect the precious thing.

You have strong sex feeling on another lady for the period of time. Don’t take any travel otherwise you will get injured or some unwanted incidents may happens. Whatever you have decided now make it postpone for six months. Take proper medicines from proper doctor for your long standing diseases.

You have trusted some of your family person and one of your close friends. But these two people are still cheating with you in your business or personal life with out your knowledge and also back mining on many life saving issues. So it’s good to remove these two people from your close friend ship and other circle of relations. Once after it removes, you will get all the good results in your personal and official works.

Already you have planned to buy a plot and agricultural lands. Now it’s the good time for you and all works and plans will be fortunate. All the other things related to your family and business circle are running in good direction in your life. You it’s good to go for purchase the plot and land.

Some of the periods back during your initial carrier, you have lost some of your money or property. You are suffering from mental agony due to this woman issues for the recent periods. Behind this, there are lot of hidden politics among your friends and relatives. So you become ally in front of their lime light. Now you are suffering on those problems. Try to rectify it as early.

You have lost some of your valuable things in your past life. It’s the good time for you to receive those articles or items or human related issues. Some of your friend shows enmity to you recently. At this moment some of the magician comes from far place will do black magic for this purpose. He is dark tone color and he is the eligible person for this work. Now it’s the time to spend some of the money for your family functions.

Whatever you have decided it will be successful now and its good time to carry out all your dreams. Your wife will get boy kid or some of your family person will be blessed with boy kid. If you file cases against the family or your hereditary property it will be successful. Some of your relation shows enmity through out your family problems will be changed in to your favor.

Your travel will be fortunate and successful. It will be short trip but it’s benefited. Try to hear ideas from your family members and words of wife for your good fortunate life.

Some of your business is failure now. All of your old business partners become opponent to you and other people among your relations also shows enmity. Try to avoid all of your old business partners and engage some new people in your new venture.

You asked about a women related issues and affairs. She will get marry in her relation with in four months period from now. Your planned ideas will be carry out within this four months otherwise your ideas will be failure and the same woman will move far away from you.

You got some continuous fear in your mind. You are mentally affected by your thoughts. You have seen some of the human soul and ghost during night time and much affected by those abnormal things. From those activities, you have got some sickness and it continues for some days with severe illness. Do some pooja to deactivate those abnormal souls from your surroundings.

Some of the results from government organization are not favorable for you. So you post pone all your business targets and family functions temporarily.

Planned work will be successful. Longstanding family property will be coming towards you. Some of your regular dreams will makes you happy and the same will return as true.

Decided work will be unsuccessful. Some of the woman makes you upset and other friendship of your girl friends must be painful. Whatever helps you have done will not bring any fortunate. Worries will extend for some periods.

Exact work will come into activation in your life as decided by you. Marriage proposals will be favor to you and family members. Friends and relations will be helpful. All the above said predictions will be happened with in a month.

Whatever you have decided to purchase for your family will be fortunate, buy and add in your property. Some of your missed person in your family will return safely as early. All of your problems will be solved. Family problems will be work out. All of your business will be running in a profitable side. New ventures also will be successful.

Some of your plan will not be successful. Some of new raised competition will be started along with your business. Some of the enmity and quarrels will rise in connection with your business and official works. Illness will rise and continue to some period. All of these worries conducted by you during some period in the past and certain period in your life time. Now you remember and gaining.

Some of the good news will receive by you and it’s new. Some of friends and family members who were stays at abroad will be returning for a while. Some of your business partners or property or some good news will be coming from the direction of north. Do whatever you want to settle in your life and start the business now, its good time.

Long standing worry and other frets will be wiped out shortly. Some of them arrested and stays in jail will be released. Jobs and own business will be gaining towards good position. Family problems will be solved. Some of the upper caste people will come and make help in some of your critical situations.

Continuous illness makes you depressed. Health conditions are changed suddenly and surprising you. Some of the planets are not favor for you to carry out important works in your life time. You have promised to your friend for some work, but now it’s unable to keep the promise. You have to wait for two months to complete these situations.

You fought with some big shots and influenced people. The well financed person makes you trouble in your life. So you want to hide your life and settle at some where far from those people. Wait for favorable period and decide after.

Some of your property will be returned. All of your business will be successful now. A woman brings all the property and became well wisher to you. Day by day it will increase and makes you happy.

Illness will be coming down slowly. Jobs and other personal work will be successful and moving to promotional stages. Court cases will be victorious. Some of your old business and lost goods will be returned back. Start and do whatever you want to decide to do on rare work and businesses.

Marriage proposals and marriage functions in your family will be coming shortly. The girl or boy from the decided family will be approached. You have to wait for another six months to complete all these predictions.

Planned work will be successful now. Unknown person from outside will help you in your business and other family works. You have good relationship with you parents. You have two wives or extended many girl friends.

Travel will be unfortunate. Don’t go for any journey or business trips. All of your plans will not be flourishing. Wait for some period.

Your wife has lost some of valuable things and articles. It will be recovered shortly. Your sickness and other illness will be reducing slowly. Some of your long standing enmity and fellow becomes friend. Your work will be thriving.

You have invested in some of very rare thing in your life. Don’t make your worries extended and whatever you have invested and planned will be benefitted. Its good time to finish all the pending works.

All of sudden failures will be faced. You got scared on some thing in your life. Some un dilute mistakes had been carried out strongly by you. It starts troubling to you recently. Go to temple and worship navagraha gods for this recovery.

After a month, whatever will be planned and initiation of your business will be successful. So you have to wait for the period to fulfill your dreams. Some of your family persons may return from abroad.

Enmity will rise. Some quarrels and problems will rise at your home. If you have done good things also it may come as failure. You have to wait for another eight days to complete all these problems.

Be happy and make your mind comfortable now. All of your problems will be solved from today. Your longstanding dreams will come as true one after another.

Among one of your business partner makes you depressed in business. Some of the family person is making politics against you on property and family business. Find out the odd person and avoid discussing with them regarding business.

Now is the good time to starts new business and other family related works. Travels and journey must be successful. You will have friend with new woman and continue for a while. She will help you in financial background. Whatever promised given by you, it’s the time to fulfill. So do it.

You have trusted one of your friends. That friend will help you financially in your business. Marriage proposals will be favoring for you and among in the family whoever eligible. Businesses will gradually rise to certain extent and becomes stable for some periods. Some of your family persons and one from external sources make you highly depressed. Don’t worry on those guys, nothing can do against you.

Some of your ever loving has gone out from you. They will not return on any circumstances. You are going to have financial loss. Some of them gets injured and becomes handicap for some period.

Due to transition of planets, you and your family members are highly depressed. So, go to navagraha temple and do the proper worship, god bless on your request. Keep it in your mind for a while. This is the time for you in your life cycle that some of your planets become totally against you. Be cool for some of the periods and calm down.

You are going to get the kid or some of your family members may starts conceiving. Whatever you have decided to start some of your new work, it starts as its own. The work related person will come and help you unexpectedly on your business. Some of the influenced person will come and help you on your business and family related works. You are gaining promotions in your job.

Decided plans will not fortunate. You don’t have good friends in your circle and surroundings. They will bring some of highly trapped problems to you. It’s unavoidable due to your friendships. All people show enmity on you. Avoid starting new ventures and family related works for some time. Postpone it.

Property and wealth will accumulate now. Decided and planned work will be completed. Everything becomes favor to you now.


The above contents and the picture are culled & extracted from a Blog.
NONE is my opinion or experience. Those which trigger my mind and invite my attention are being shared here.

My Great Thanks to the Blogger from whom I culled these matters. If the said Blogger wishes for removal, please send me your comment so that I can act immediately.

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