Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Living in own house is totally different ...

A 9-year old girl to her grandpa: " My mom (his daughter) always says, you are very strict in etiquettes and made your wife & children to adhere blindly. "

Gpa: "  My dad was very strict and imposed so many things. No doubt, what I am today is those strictness. But I am very liberal to my kids but strict on certain principles. "

Girl: " For past one week, I am observing the happenings here.  Your strictness are buried deeply and the etiquetts are just hanging on the walls."

Gpa: " Explain. Quote incidents. "

Girl: " Mo Aunty (his daughter-in-law) Cooks food without taking bath; Eats all kind of foods at all times; Sits cross-legged before the elders including you; Never informs you when she goes out.  Jo Aunty (another daughter-in-law) Wears only jeans & tees; Every alternate day goes out to eat at friends' place; Never does household work; When at home, watches TV any serials any movies; Lot of friends are coming to see her at home. Cho uncle (his son-in-law) Walks with chappals allover the house including kitchen; on holidays sleeps upto noon; Eats without bath; at times smokes openly in the presence of elders and children. My mom (his daughter) also tells a lot of things on them. She says that if you come to know those things you will run away from the house. "

Gpa: " I am noticing all the things you narrated. But I can't help it. My hands are tied. I repeat my dad's words. I LIVED IN MY HOME WITH MY CHILDREN AND HENCE I FRAMED RULES AND ALSO MY CHILDREN RESPECTED MY WORDS. For the reasons known to them, my parents live with my sister. My dad too experiences akward moments there and at times he gets strokes due to high bllod-pressure. He is not able to digest things happenig there. I simply quote one happening. My father hates drinking & smoking to the core. My sister's husband drinks at home itself in the presence of my parents. And eats non-veg food during that hours. The beauty is my sis hubby's father also joins him for drinking. Just imagine my fathers's plight.  I am also referring the same words of my father's. When I lived in my home with my children, I imposed those etiquettes and my children obeyed me blindly. But now, I am staying in my children house and I have no rights to impose on their spouses and children. "

Girl: " Then be independant. Go back to your home and live happily. Visit your children whenever you intend to spend time with them. "

Overheard the above convo when I was sitting in the lobby of an Villament where I had been to look for a one.

A Nethiadi. An eye-opener. Is it a fore-warning from the Divine Mother (through the girl)?

On specific grounds, I live with my sons at their place. The feeling of living in my own house is totally different and Living in my own space is the true unadulterated happiness. I am being overwhelmed by an unbearable feeling of separateness, at a very deep level.

My own home, it is the one with character and its own oddities. Eagerly awaiting the day to migrate back to my lovely home.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Father's envisions ...

 Even before I became a father, I envisioned activities I look forward to share with my son.

A few to share on public platform ...

Holding him for the first time
To know what it means to be a father, to be responsible for another life, and I'm never the same from that moment on.

Going camping
A second childhood to enjoy activities with my son that I enjoyed with my dad.

Attending his college graduation
Few moments in a young man’s life hold as great a sense of promise and maturity than the day he goes from the campus out into the world. It brings with it a shared feeling of accomplishment for both father and son.

Finding a bride for him
Naturally, a dad wants to find a wife and lifelong companionship for his son. It’s the next stage in the Circle of Life.

Spending time with my grandchildren
Speaking of the circle of life, here it comes full-circle, with father and son becoming grand-father and father. 

God blessed me with two sons.

Holding for 1st time ..
How can I ever forget the moment when I hold my sons in my arms for the very first time? Every time I see them that reminds of this beautiful moment and I find tears rolling down my cheeks.

Going outing ...
Had been to Kutralam Five Falls when they were on 10 and to Mysore Brindavan when they were on 20. These things still afresh at heart. They are now 30 and have their own spaces.  It's not wist to expect them also.  
But I go out very often with them on dreams. To every inch of this earth.

Attending Graduation ...
Away from Motherland during my 1st son's Engineering Graduation.
Been there in the auditorium when my 2nd son got Masters Degree and enjoyed that golden feeling.

Finding bride ..
Both my sons have identified their brides themselves. And I just solemnised.
I missed the thrill and the supremacy.

Grandchildren ...
Will the God make Full-Circle? Will I get that highly cherishable moment of holding my grand-children? Is the next generation on the anvil?
I have the snaps of me sitting on my grandpa's lap and my father holding my two sons. 
Will I be in a snap wherein my grandchildren sitting on my shoulders?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back on pedestal ...

Today is an highly auspicious day. Pushya Nakshtra falls on Sunday.
And also my first son's birthday.

I'm back on pedestal. Writings to continue.

Refreshing with my Best Wishes for my son on his birthday. He completes 32 and afreshes 33.

How can I ever forget the moment when I took my son in my arms for the very first time?
Every year his Birthday reminds of this beautiful moment and I find tears rolling down my cheeks.

On this special day, I pray to God that HE blesses my son with good health and happiness in life.

May this Birthday brings him joy, love, prosperity and wisdom for yet another wonderful year of life. He deserves the best.

May he  receive more love and affection, 
May he be blessed with more talent, 
May his heart be filled with love and compassion.

May this Birthday brings him loads of joyful and sweet memories in his life. 

May he have a great and successful year ahead. 

May he touch all his dreams. 

My dear son,
Your mom joins me in wishing you A Very Happy Birthday.
God bless you. We love you.