Saturday, February 18, 2017

Platform for Meeting & Mingling ...


An Upanayanam Function becomes a Platform for Meeting & Mingling.

My Father's brother's son Prakash's son Aditya's Upanayanam Function has become a huge Platform for me to meet and mingle with all relatives at One Go.

The Function was held on Thursday, 16/02/2017, at Velacherry Chennai.

To attend the Function, me and Usha along with my two bros Sam & Ramesh left Bangalore by Chennai Mail on 15th. After a very long gap of 15 years, travelled in Sleeper Class.  Though Lower Berth could not sleep well and by the time sleep started engulfing, the train reached Central Station.  PayTM and Über are very useful.  No need to fight with Madras autowalas.  Pre paid taxis are very costlier than Ola & Über.  Me Usha Sam took Über to Velacherry and Ramesh took train to Nanganallur.

We reached the Hall at 5.10 in the morning. Only Five were at the Hall. Jana authai, Sundu Chithappa, Akila & Prakash with Aditya.  On entering the Hall, had hot coffee.  After Pranams to Authai and Chithappa, had bath and put the traditional attire of Veshti and slack shirt.

Rajesh and Venkatesh peeped in. The Function started at 5.40 with just 10 of us and two Vadhyars.

By 7 am, people started coming in.  

Meeting and mingling started.

Goma authai, my Father's kadaikutty sister, with her 1st daughter in law Kanchana and 2nd son Balu.  Balu's son Abhi. 
Akila's Parents.
Cousin Ganesan's wife Meenakshi and her son Karthick.
Bros Ramesh, Suresh, Satish and Suresh's son Narayanan.
Akila's brothers and their family.

Breakfast. Kesari, Idli, Vadai, Pongal. With Thengai chutney and sambar.
Except sweet, none is up to the mark. Vadai is worst. No softness at all.

Cousins Gopalan and Ganesan.
Authimber Narayanaswamy Iyer, cousin Murali and Balu wife Priya.
Meena authai, Thangam chithi, cousin Ravi, his wife Rama & son Akash.
Cousin Raghu, his wife Annapoorna and their son.
Cousin Tiruppur GK's daughter Pattu.

Saradha chitthi's elder bro "meesai" Kothandaram.  I respect him a lot.
Saradha chitthi's sister and another sis husband 'auto Chithappa'.
Kanchana's Parents.
Priya's Parents. Priya's father Viswanathan is my closest friend since 1975. Spic buddy.
Me and Vichu exchanged a lot of things. Shared our feelings. 

Lunch. Lot of varieties but nothing is to be mentioned as tasty. 

Again a round of exchanging pleasantries with known and unknown guests.

By 1.30 pm, left for Nanganallur with Usha Pattu and Narayanan in Paatu's car.  

To bro Suresh flat.  Kala and Rajeswari.  Raji is in dejected mood. 
A nap from 2pm to 3.30 pm.  Had a strong coffee.

By Über to Central station with Usha and bro Ramesh.

Shatabdi to Bangalore.  Usha me Ramesh in one Row. Left 5.30 pm.
Eatables started coming in.
First, sonpapdi bread samosa with coffee.
Then, bread sticks with soup.
Then, dinner came but skipped it. Took only curd.
Then, ice cream.
Reached Cantonment around 11.30 pm. An hour delay.
Me Usha by Über to PWP.  Ramesh to Ulsoor by auto.

Arrived sweet home at 11.45 pm.  Sleep.

One of the very few Best Days in Life. A Remarkable & Unforgettable Day.

Great Thanks to God.  And to Akila & Prakash for creating this Platform.

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